About us

We are defined by what we have set out to achieve: To make distinctive and inspirational fashion accessories, that not only complete, but also accentuate your outfit.

Our Story

United by a common love for travel, fashion and all things bling, our journey started off with two sisters-in-law deeply influenced by the cultures, colours and traditions of our Homeland and also, of the places we visited, especially the Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean countries.

Hence, with a unified belief to sparkle the world with ornaments of joy, we set out to design and sell our initial collections in the flea-markets and festivals of Dubai.

Our Brands

In 2016, we launched our first brand “Ushvi”, with a concept we refer to as “Interactive Jewellery” (international [PCT] application filed), which showcases unique, noveau-chic designs in an innovative format.
Our Founders

Ushvi Shah

An interior designer by qualification, she has always had a creative eye. Her creative instincts and design approach lend a very unique appeal to all our designs.

Zeel Shah

Having hailed from an entrepreneurial family of jewellers, she’s able to source the right material from the right places, thus ensuring that our designs are accessible to all.

Dhruv Manek

Having spent his early years in the finance and manufacturing industries, he brings a well-rounded set of skills to this highly creative company.

About “Ushvi”

“The first ray of sunlight”, is what it means.
A beaming, vibrant and lively person, Ushvi, is seen as the light which shines through the eerie darkness and lightens up the break of day.
Unparalleled beauty is what she can be defined by, warm and joyous is how she is.

Our Philosophy

A namesake of one our founder’s, this exclusive collection is a reflection of her personality.

With our line of “Interactive Jewellery”, we introduce ornate, modern and eye-catching designer sets which can be further customized by each person according to their preferences, thus enabling them to create their own unique personal statement.

Also, each set has a name and meaning attached to it, thus ensuring that every person can connect to the designs at a deeper level.

Design Language

Our designs are a tangible representation of our founders’ unified belief that every individual should be able to showcase and flaunt their personality.

An amalgamation of vibrant, elegant and classical designs, every set has a meaning and is hand-crafted to broadly incorporate every state of mind, while accentuating every look and highlighting individual style.

Interactive Jewellery by TrinkeTree
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